Case Studies

I am a government school teacher for the last four year. In my basti Mouza Waan Patafi Basti Noor Deen District Muzafargrah after primary level children do not have access to education for higher school which is located at a long distance from our basti and transport is not available. Most of the people cannot afford tuition fee therefore their children stop education after primary level. People are independent on agriculture and too are not enough to support their families and people have to do other labor work to meet their expanses.

In 2010 flood 90% of the houses were collapsed and some houses were damaged. As a teacher and educated person I represent my community at different forum as a community activist and volunteered my services. Friends Foundation announced a two days training on health and hygiene. I was nominated by my community to attend this seminar. It was very useful training. Many things was discussed during the training but I like water purification the best.

After the training I went to the school and discussed the lessons learnt with the teachers’ and students. After that the replicated the session with more classes and the students shared this with their family and gradually the message spread over the village. Finally it was adopted by all and more than 80% village benefited from this training.

People are on their way to adopt safe behaviors and are becoming healthier.

Children are taking interest in education and less absent from school

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