Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

Pakistan is located in the South East Asia, neighboring India, Afghanistan, China, and Iran. Mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakorams and the Hindukush form Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, Punjab province is a flat, alluvial plain with five major rivers joining the Indus River to the Arabian Sea. Sindh is bounded on the east by the Thar Desert and the Rann of Kutch and on the west by the Kirthar range and the Balochistan Plateau is an arid tableland, encircled by dry mountains.
Like its neighboring countries, Pakistan is among the high-risk countries in terms of its vulnerability to different disasters. Natural hazards include floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, landslides, and mud flows. The Northern region is prone to earthquakes, the flat region of Punjab and Sindh are faced with seasonal floods. Whereas the large province of Balochistan facing 7 year long drought. From year 1995-2004 a total of 6,192 people were killed and 9,244,032 people are affected by the disasters.

Friends Foundation, s activities regarding DRR as under

  • Warehouse Management
  • Institutional Disaster Preparedness/Human Resource Development
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) program:
  • Earthquake preparedness program
  • Disaster Risk Reduction through Schools/academic institutions
  • Flood Mitigation Program
  • Publication of Information Education & Communication (IEC) interventions for risk Reduction
  • Population Movement Program (IDPs and Refugee Assistance program)
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation program
  • Coordination, Advocacy and Networking


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