Life began with water and it will end without it. Not water but safe drinking water can ensure protection from most water borne diseases.  The water-borne diseases accounts for nearly 60 percent of child deaths. Daily 630 children die from diarrhea in Pakistan. Access to safe water for drinking is critical health issue especially for people belonging to low class.

Friends Foundation is committed to deliver the quality water for drinking to its communities  through an approach “behaviors & attitudes change” of the primary target group e.g. women, men and children and other indirect groups to reduce water borne diseases, especially diarrhea among less than 5 years of age children. Pakistan is one of those countries where open defecation is very high because the rural communities haven’t ideas. The lack of water, soap, washrooms, medical facilities and awareness made things more complicated and dangerous. Probably the unhygienic environment and overall situation would cause disaster, a health disaster. The children, women and adults are not washing themselves, nail clipping and hair cut was out of question lack of facilities and awareness. Some of children and adults are suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and eye infections due to the unhygienic conditions in Pakistan.