Relief Support

Relief Support to 2011 Sindh Rain Affectees

One year after the worst flooding disaster in the history of the region, more floods resultant of heavy rains, badly hit many parts of Sindh.  About a million    people have been affected. Friends Foundation is committed for planning, organizing and enhancement of capabilities during emergency and Disaster. FF designed and implemented the project covering a period of three months.
Target Area:


Tehsil, Taluka,UCs,Chamber .Jhando Mari

    • Base line survey for the proposed Tehsils focused on WASH.
    • Conducted mobile camps on regular basis with medicines.
    • The service delivery project supported in immediate relief in health issues, leads to life survivals thus ultimate reduction in communicable diseases.
    • Health education sessions helped in promoting immediate measures for reduction of communicable diseases.
    • Clean delivery kits distribution for safe delivery.
    • The regular camps helped in improving the situation and decrease in number of patients.
    • The project supported communities in improving their health status and reduce the communicable diseases to control it from wide spreading.


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