Social Mobilization

Social Mobilization & Advocacy For Community Development

Social mobilization is at the essence of Social development and a key to poverty reduction and sustainable social development. In an environment beset with low literacy rates the handicap to identify and harness local resources for collective welfare of a given community is a disadvantage. It is important for the community to identify their resources, rather, manage and harness their resources. This is a state where little external stimulus or help can effect considerable change.

Since its inception 2003, FF initiated social mobilization activities at the grass roots alongside all its interventions in the different parts of the Pakistan. As one of the most significant stakeholders and beneficiaries the active involvement of communities in planning and management, including monitoring, is therefore ensured. This is designed to ensure the sustainability of interventions. This also provides a sense of inclusion and empowerment to the locals who have been since long excluded from the decision making process. The communities are formed into a group with communal interests called Community Based Organization (CBO) or Community organization (CO). The CBOs are provided training in social mobilization techniques and managerial skills to sustain their assets.

Our Strategies seek to build people’s capacities, leadership and confidence. FF is contributing in the benefit of the communities through these activities.

  • Formation of Community Based Organization
  • Capacity Building of the Organizations
  • Community Management Skill training
  • Management Support and Technical Assistance & Service Provision
  • Formation & Registration of CCBs (Citizen community Board)
  • Linkages of the community with Line departments
  • Awareness Raising activities


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